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Prote Pruste

Sharp X68000 (YM2151, OKIM6258)

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Prote Pruste

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleProte Pruste
SystemSharp X68000
Sound ChipsYM2151, OKIM6258
Playing time29:08
Pack authorBoxCubed
Pack version1.01
Last Update2022-07-08

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Post by tails_ »

Huh, it is written like ピロト・プラスト which transliterates as proto purasuto, I wonder what's with this "te" at the end.
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Post by BoxCubed »

I honestly don't know what the symbols at the top are suppose to mean. The actual title is underneath it, albeit a bit stylized. When I looked into the executable, it was confirmed the title was that.

Re: Prote Pruste

Post by vampirefrog »

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