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Nemesis '90 Kai

Sharp X68000 (YM2151, OKIM6258)

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Nemesis '90 Kai

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TitleNemesis '90 Kai
Composerunknown, Masahiro Ikariko,
Motoaki Furukawa
SystemSharp X68000
Sound ChipsYM2151, OKIM6258
Playing time21:15
Pack authorRN22
Pack version1.10
Last Update2022-09-15

Pack author's comment
This pack is an enhanced port version of the MSX's Nemesis 2. Here's some addition SPS added:

-The graphics have been redesigned and redrawn to a 16-bit level of quality that is often compared to Gradius III.
-In addition to introducing the smooth scrolling which was not possible on the MSX, the game also features parallax scrolling for images in the background.
-The beginning game animation if the Metalion launch has been enhanced to appear more three-dimensional.
-The power-up gauge makes use of the increased resolution to permit the return of text inside the boxes.
-Fully redrawn 16-bit graphics, on par with the SNES version of Gradius III.
-Smooth scrolling and better controls due to the more powerful hardware.
-Fully remixed soundtrack, as well as new sound effects.
-A handful of new bosses exclusive to this version, which replace the boss rematches of the original.
-Two new stages: an asteroid field and a waterfall area.
-Sound effects are substantially enhanced over the original, allowing for a similar quality of sound present in Gradius and Gradius II, which many of the sound effects may have been taken from.
-The background music is compatible with, and can be further enhanced by, a number of MIDI sound source add-ons.
-The power-up capability of the Metalion returns to that of the Vic Viper in the original arcade versions, where four Options can be activated, and front shields appear for the Force Field which shrink in size as they take more damage.
-Missiles and Lasers, along with Up and Down Lasers, can no longer be upgraded to twice; they are at full power upon activation.
-Upgraded weapons map to the same gauge locations upon collection after invading the cores of boss ships. However, you will only receive one upgrade at a time, regardless of how quickly you defeat a boss.
-The Up and Down Lasers now appear more like the Ripple weapon from Salamander and Gradius II, and extend much wider than the same weapons in the MSX version.
-The Napalm Missile no longer follows the same movement behavior as the original Missiles, and instead drops in a parabolic motion like the Spread Bombs do in Gradius II.
-The Extend Laser no longer alters the size or shape of the Laser, only the look (it applies a flashing rainbow effect.)
Upon activating a power-up, the Metalion enjoys a very brief moment of invincibility.

Also, I didn't mentioned on .txt file. I constantly looped track 15 based on the MSX version of the game, to look more similar on the MSX's Nemesis 2.

Source: gradius.fandom and strategywiki