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Sharp X68000 (YM2151)

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Post by ValleyBell »

ComposerHisashi Totsumoto, Hiroshi Taguchi
SystemSharp X68000
Sound ChipsYM2151
Playing time12:36
Pack authorSonic of 8!
Pack version1.00
Last Update2012-10-29

Post by rabidrodent »

[Note by Valley Bell: The original pack had track 04 titled "Karinka". This seems to be a quite common mistake.]

Pretty sure "Karinka" is supposed to be Kalinka, isn't it? Same goes for the other Tetris sets.

Post by Sonic of 8! »

I didn't know. Karinka is not a roman -> japanese word, because in Atari Tetris and Tengen Tetris, is Karinka.
オモいカルチャーをオモチャーと言う - 細野晴臣
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Post by jrlepage »

tails_ would know better than me, but I believe Karinka is Russian for Little Karin (or simply a diminutive of Karin).
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Post by tails_ »

It's Калинка (written as Kalinka), derivative from Калина (viburnum) berry. :U

We don't have name "Карин (Karin)" in russian but diminutive will be something like "Каря (Karya)"
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Post by Pasokon Deacon »

GOBLIN SOUND was actually the name Opus Studio Inc. used when credited for games pre-1990, after which point they mostly dropped the name. Suzuki's just one known member of the group.
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