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Contra: Hard Corps

Mega Drive, Genesis

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Contra: Hard Corps

Post by vampirefrog »

TitleContra: Hard Corps
ComposerHiroshi Kobayashi,Michiru Yamane,Akira Yamaoka,Hirofumi Taniguchi,Aki Hata
SystemMega Drive, Genesis
Sound ChipsYM2612, SEGA VDP PSG
Playing time1:20:57
Pack authorDJ Squarewave
Pack version1.05
Last Update2014-08-26

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Re: Contra: Hard Corps

Post by LaserMoai »

Does anybody else find the track order on this set to be weird? I think it's based on the sound test which is very different from the gameplay order. I don't even think any of the OST releases had tracks ordered like this.
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