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DownTown / Mokugeki

Seta 1 (X1-010)

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DownTown / Mokugeki

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleDownTown / Mokugeki
ComposerHisashi Yotsumoto
SystemSeta 1
Sound ChipsX1-010
Playing time47:21
Pack authorctr
Pack version1.00
Last Update2015-07-15

Download Arcade/DownTown_(Seta_1).zip (1 837 379 bytes)

Pack author's comment
To hear this pack at its intended pitch, you need to build the latest VGMPlay sources [later than 0.40.6] from the git repository.
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Post by cetera »

i've never heard this.
it's pretty great!

i wonder if i'm hearing at the right pitch according to the notes though. playing through the site player.
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Post by ctr »

Here's footage/audio recorded from the arcade machine to compare with. Sounds good to me.
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Post by LokiStuff »

Interesting soundtrack.
I really wonder what's up with the quality of the samples. Cal 50. came out the same year and on the same hardware, yet has much clearer audio.
Makes me wonder if it was some kinda of sound programming error, certainly makes it sound distinct though.
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