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Smash TV

Midway Y Unit (YM2151, DAC)

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Smash TV

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleSmash TV
ComposerJon Hey
SystemMidway Y Unit
Sound ChipsYM2151, DAC
Playing time22:40
Pack authorctr
Pack version1.00
Last Update2015-09-30

Download Arcade/Smash_TV_(Midway_Y_Unit).zip (452 047 bytes)

Pack author's comment
The YM2151 might still be a bit loud.
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Post by MaliceX »

Heh, the DAC hax trick seems to work well for listening purposes. :) Nice stuff

Post by FailureBiWinning »

The alternate continue theme is used in the Dynamite Cobra boss room in Circuit 3 and actually lasts a lot longer than what's currently ripped (approximately 2.5 minutes before it loops).
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Post by ctr »

fwiw, it's the same music as the ending theme in Total Carnage.
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