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Cave 68000 (YMZ280B)

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ComposerT's Music
SystemCave 68000
Sound ChipsYMZ280B
Playing time12:09
Pack authorGTheGuardian
Pack version1.00
Last Update2015-10-13

Download Arcade/DoDonPachi_(Cave_68000).zip (2 764 121 bytes)
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Composer Credits
Eddie You (姚迪)
Andrew Persons Lin (林 正平)
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According to the vgmdb discussion thread, there's doubts about that. Namely, these persons were part of the IGS sound team rather than Cave and has therefore only worked on DDP2.
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Cave Shooting History(ケイブシューティング史)
Composer of "Dodonpachi" in this book is written with the "T's MUSIC".

Post by GTheGuardian »

I have updated the pack now with composer as T's Music (Thanks to 2ch-H for the info). Please Redownload.
I really believe that the info at vgmdb should be fixed.
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