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Vs. Janshi Brand-new Stars

Mega System 32 (YMF271)

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Vs. Janshi Brand-new Stars

Post by Tom »

TitleVs. Janshi Brand-new Stars
SystemArcade Machine
Sound ChipsYMF271
Playing time20:02
Pack authorValley Bell
Pack version1.01
Last Update2012-06-08

Download (504341 bytes)
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Post by 2ch-H »

I noticed I have to rip the other game of Mega System 32, Audio CPU Clock is probably wrong.
I think it will be the correct tempo to 200% Audio CPU Clock using Mame 0.148, Z80 Clock is 8MHz, not 4MHz.
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Post by ValleyBell »

Ahh, so that's why the music is so horribly slow.
I'll relog this game sometime.
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