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Shadow Force / Shadow Force: Henshin Ninja

Arcade Machine (YM2151, OKIM6295)

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Shadow Force / Shadow Force: Henshin Ninja

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleShadow Force /
Shadow Force: Henshin Ninja
ComposerKazunaka Yamane
SystemArcade Machine
Sound ChipsYM2151, OKIM6295
Playing time37:37
Pack authorThe Green Herring
Pack version1.01
Last Update2018-01-26

Download Arcade/Shadow_Force_(Arcade).zip (244 839 bytes)

Pack author's comment
My thirty-ninth submission is the last beat-'em-up that Technos Japan Corp. developed themselves before their bankruptcy, starring ninja who can steal their enemies' bodies and use their attacks! It features an FM synth and sampled drums soundtrack from the composer of Double Dragon, which suits the action well. A recommended listen!
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Post by Alianger »

If the drums are done with the OKIM6295 chip which it sounds like, then it's not just for SFX. Thanks for the upload.

Post by The Golden Horse »

This is correct. The error was caused by reusing [pack] Blockout's text file structure but forgetting to adjust the music hardware area to match. An update with a correction has been submitted. Thank you!
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