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Captain America and The Avengers

DECO32 (YM2151, OKIM6295)

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Captain America and The Avengers

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleCaptain America and The Avengers
ComposerTomoyoshi Sato, Tatsuya Kiuchi
Sound ChipsYM2151, OKIM6295
Playing time25:38
Pack authorThe Green Herring
Pack version1.00
Last Update2018-08-07

Pack author's comment
My forty-seventh submission is Data East's Marvel Comics superhero beat-em-up Captain America™ and The Avengers™, which boasts a suitably heroic soundtrack of FM synth and sampled instruments, down to an epic theme whenever a boss is almost defeated. A rousing listen! (Also check out the Genesis port for the same feel with FM synth only!)

"Okay, GO!"

Post by 1983parrothead »

This arcade game was followed by two other related games also by Data East: their NES action game of the same name with Captain America and Hawkeye as the only characters to play as, and Avengers in Galactic Storm, one of the first fighting games to use duplex desperation moves and helpers/Strikers. Although similar to Killer Instinct, Rise of The Robots and One Must Fall 2097 in graphics, gameplay has several differences.

VGMrips still hasn't got these two added, yet.
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