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Image Fight

Irem M72 (YM2151)

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Image Fight

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleImage Fight
ComposerMasahiko Ishida
SystemIrem M72
Sound ChipsYM2151
Playing time18:50
Pack author2ch-H
Pack version1.05
Last Update2012-06-08

Download Arcade/Image_Fight_(Irem_M72).zip (144 034 bytes)
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Post by Despatche »

it's probably "ImageFight". it's written as IMAGEFIGHT on the album and the logo clearly supports it. similarly i think it'd be best to use "XMultiply" or something like that ("M" over "m" because of how the title screen is designed). stuff like the nes localization, the album's flyer, and arcade gears can be safely ignored.
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