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P-47: The Phantom Fighter / P-47: The Freedom Fighter

Jaleco Mega System 1 (YM2151, OKIM6295)

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P-47: The Phantom Fighter / P-47: The Freedom Fighter

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleP-47: The Phantom Fighter /
P-47: The Freedom Fighter
ComposerSizlla Okamura
SystemJaleco Mega System 1
Sound ChipsYM2151, OKIM6295
Playing time28:05
Pack author2ch-H
Pack version1.10
Last Update2015-03-11

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Post by Despatche »

Most of the songs sound fine, but something seems to be wrong with the percussion in Theme of Bismarck; it's supposed to sound more like the percussion in songs such as Area 1 and Area 2. I'm not sure if it's a bug in that version of M1, but I use the slightly older M1 0.7.8a10, where it sounds correct. If it helps, I'm using the albums as a basis, particularly Jaleco Retro Game Music Collection which is supposed to be made of direct PCB rips.
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Post by 2ch-H »

Thank you for report, I did not notice. (I think maybe it's trimming mistakes)

Edit: 2015-03-11
I was fixed and posted to Pack Update Topic.
The current file has been fixed.
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