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Impact MuSiX Disk #1

MSX2 (Y8950, YM2413)

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Impact MuSiX Disk #1

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleImpact MuSiX Disk #1
ComposerBDD Software Ltd., Metalslave,
Powerrun Audio Productions,
Powerslave, Snakebyte
Sound ChipsMSX-Audio (Y8950),
MSX-Music (YM2413)
Playing time33:10
Pack authorValley Bell
Pack version1.00
Last Update2021-02-14

Re: Impact MuSiX Disk #1

Post by dmbnation41 »

Is this correct for the composers to be listed in here?

Snakebyte (Martin Bassie; code, graphics)
BDD (Ben den Dulk; music, graphics)
Powerrun (Michel Schouren; music, graphics)
Powerslave (Patrick de Wilde; graphics)
Metalslave (Maurice Schouren; graphics)
Hitsoft (Hugo Plaisier; graphics, code)
Mirage (Wim Muller; code)
Mr.Bonesy (Jeroen van Eesteren; support)
Wingman (Ivo Blom; graphics, music; joined after "Impaccen en Wegwezen" and before "Impaccable")
Omega (Tristan Zondag; joined later)

I have discovered this on this page: (
Hello there! 👋😀

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