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Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf

SNK Neo Geo (YM2610)

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Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleNeo Turf Masters /
Big Tournament Golf
ComposerTakushi Hiyamuta
SystemSNK Neo Geo
Sound ChipsYM2610
Playing time17:47
Pack authorGTheGuardian
Pack version1.00
Last Update2014-09-02

Download NeoGeo/Neo_Turf_Masters_(Neo_Geo).zip (9 179 808 bytes)
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Post by MaliceX »

So glad you finished this set. :)
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Post by Tom »

When I saw this game in the list of recent updates I was happy because I love this OST, but I was surprised as well, because when I tried to make a rip of this game I found out that loops are problematic (instruments are probably assigned to the first free channel "on the fly" or something like that, which breaks the loops). It looks like this was circumvented, for example in "Fujiyama Oriental Golf Club - Japan", by recording a sovrabundant loop. I still wonder how hard (and how legit) it would be to hex edit the vgm data to put the correct instruments on the correct channels from the start, to make a tighter trim...

In the mean time, I'll be more than happy to listen to this overdue pack. It's much easier to use vgmplay than M1 for casual listening, so I'm glad this pack exists now.
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