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Fight Fever / Wang Jung Wang

SNK Neo Geo (YM2610)

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Fight Fever / Wang Jung Wang

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TitleFight Fever / Wang Jung Wang
ComposerGim Jae-Yeong
SystemSNK Neo Geo
Sound ChipsYM2610
Playing time29:01
Pack authorThe Green Herring
Pack version1.00
Last Update2014-09-15

Download NeoGeo/Fight_Fever_(Neo_Geo).zip (2 175 176 bytes)

Pack author's comment
My thirteenth submission, simply because one of the tracks in this pack stumped me on how to trim it until I found another method I am now familiar with. The oldest Korean Neo Geo game, Fight Fever, known as Wang Jung Wang (왕중왕) in Korea, is sadly not the most well-constructed game on the system. However, it has a decent soundtrack that uses samples borrowed from SNK (who apparently trained a team of nine Korean developers for a year), and it's overall good listening. That's more than you can say about Legend of Success Joe...