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King of Fighters 2003, The

SNK Neo Geo (YM2610)

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King of Fighters 2003, The

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TitleThe King of Fighters 2003
ComposerYasuo Yamate, Masahiko Hataya, Frédéric Chopin
SystemSNK Neo Geo
Sound ChipsYM2610
Playing time1:16:34
Pack authorThe Green Herring
Pack version1.00
Last Update2016-04-12

Pack author's comment
My twenty-ninth submission, for the final Neo Geo game in The King of Fighters series. At this point, SNK returned from bankruptcy as "Playmore", bought the series back, swiftly rebranded themselves as "SNK Playmore", and produced a new game that finally had something resembling a budget. While the instrument samples are still low-quality, the overall composition and instrumentation is markedly improved from the previous two games. With more complexity and a fitting sound for every occasion, this soundtrack can hang with the pre-bankruptcy games in terms of quality and listenability. This pack is strongly recommended.