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Hit the Ice

Nintendo Entertainment System

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Hit the Ice

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleHit the Ice
ComposerHiroshige Tonomura, Unknown Author
SystemNintendo Entertainment
System / Famicom
Playing time6:42
Pack authorSonic of 8!
Pack version1.00
Last Update2013-01-14

Download NES/Hit_the_Ice_(NES).zip (35 392 bytes)
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Post by MusicFox »

Thanks for posting.
How did you get Hiroshige Tonomura as the composer? I can't find a playthrough of this game anywhere.

Post by Sonic of 8! »

TONO was the Arcade version composer. Is Unknown who was composed the NES version (I was beaten the game in 1P Quest and it only shows a screen with your team and cheerleaders with some text).
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