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The mid2vgm topic

with updated versions of the tools you know

Technical discussion about the VGM format, and all the software you need to handle VGM files.

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Post by pianino »

hi there.
i'm so sad because i lose the folder that i downlaod the mid to smps, and consecuently the smps play too.
this 2 programs was a important poynt in my chiptune vgm creations.
i download the new version of mid to smps, and this is other format, other instruments, and no dac.
the new version of smps play is complicated, and is diferent that i suse in the pass.
btw, i have a friend of mine that is programmer, and i download all the 3.5 tools as a source code.
we disgust about or talk about the idea to merge all this 3.5 tools in to 1 converter, to centralized all the vgm programs in 1 software.
i allso download a source code of a midi sequencer, to includ a sequencer feature in the project.
what do you thin?
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Feel to do what you want with the tools.

If you find SMPSPlay v2 difficult to configure, you should maybe just download the SMPS Preview Package (The release post with descriptions of what it includes can be found here on Sonic Retro.)
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