Game Boy Advance

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ROMIcon.png Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance running Super Mario Advance, the first game of the portable
Manufacturer(s) Worldwide release Nintendo

Brazil Gradiente

Release Date(s) Japan 2001-03-21

United States of America 2001-06-11

Europe 2001-06-22

China / South Korea 2004

Brazil 2001-06-12

Sound chip(s) 4xDAC (main sound-chip, called Digital), GameBoy DMG (sub sound-chip, called Analog)
Music section N / A

Silver Game Boy Advance Game Boy AdvanceMESS System Driver gba is a 32-bit hand-held system made by Nintendo. It was released in 2001 almost all the world. The GBA is the successor of the Game Boy Color, and is also backwards compatible with the GBC and Game Boy games, however, it not supported the Super Game Boy features. It was competed with Bandai's WonderSwan Color and SNK's Neo Geo Pocket Color, and like their predecessor, it was crushed the sales of both portables.


The GBA have 4xDACs and the GB PSG inside onto the Main CPU, like their predecessors. A few games makes more use of the GB PSG than the GBA's DAC (e.g.: Mother in Mother 1+2).

VGM Scene

You cannot log the GBA's DAC data on the VGM. And it would never be supported in the VGM format in future.

A VGM Player for the Game Boy Advance was released: GBA VGM Player, by Maxim. It can play only SN76489 VGMs.

A VGM Player for the original Game Boy was released: dmvgm, by mic. It plays Game Boy PSG VGMs and SN76489 VGMs. It can only hold one file per ROM.

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