BMX Trial: Alex Kidd

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Joystick.png BMX Trial: Alex Kidd
The reverse way to reach back to start of Miracle World.
Developer Sega
Publisher Japan Sega
Composer Unknown
System Sega Mark III
Sound Chips SEGAVDP PSG, Yamaha YM2413
Release date Japan 1987-11-15
VGM pack page SMS PSG
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BMX Trial: Alex KiddSega Mark III, developed and released by Sega, in 1987, only in Japan. The game acts a inverse of Alex Kidd in Miracle World in history terms: You must guide Alex in a bicycle to return to Radaxian, his home city. The game also comes with the Paddle Control, a control based on the Arkanoid Controller, except that it plays in horizontal mode. This explains what BMX Trial never was released outside of Japan.