Coconuts Japan

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Joystick.png Coconuts Japan
Founded 1987
Defunct 2002
Major Products Various Pachinko games
Key People N / A
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Coconuts JapanPachiokun series), and releasing various American and European games in Japan. Coconuts Japan developed and released games for Nintendo systems (Famicom, Super Famicom, a cancelled localization of Wipeout 64 for Nintendo 64, Game Boy and Game Boy Color) and for Sega systems (Mega Drive and Sega Saturn). They also developed and published games for the PC Engine/CD-ROM System, 3DO, PlayStation and WonderSwan too. Their last game was released in 1999-12, although they faced a bankruptcy in 2002.

Coconuts Japan also have a affiliate called Soft Vision, which published some Coconuts Japan games into other systems (e.g.: a PS game published by Coconuts Japan, but in Saturn, it is published by Soft Vision).