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ROMIcon.png Game Boy
Game Boy, a popular 8-bit handheld console, running Tetris, launched at 1989 both at Japan and USA.
Manufacturer(s) Worldwide release Nintendo

South Korea Hyundai

Brazil Playtronic (later Gradiente)

Release Date(s) Japan 1989-04-21

United States of America 1989-07-31

Europe 1990-09-30

Germany / France 1990

South Korea 1991-05-02

Brazil 1993

CPU(s) Sharp LR35902
Sound chip(s) GameBoy DMG
Music section Nintendo Game Boy

Game Boy Game BoyMESS System Driver gameboy is a 8-bit portable game system made by Nintendo. It was released at 1989 in Japan, and in USA a few months later.

Launch titles Japan


The music of Game Boy is generated by a custom PSG, which functions in similar way to the NES APU, through it lacks the Triangle and DPCM channels. This PSG has:

  • 2 square-wave channels;
  • 1 wave channel;
  • 1 noise channel;

This custom PSG is available in all models of the Game Boy family: Game Boy, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light, Super Game Boy 2, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP and the Game Boy micro. There is a possibility of the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS having the Game Boy PSG inside on their CPUs, like the GB family.

VGM Scene

The Main CPU of the Game Boy system.

In the VGM scene, the Game Boy PSG is currently supported by our format, with moderate accuracy on their emulation. The emulation core is based on the MESS core, with some modifications done by ValleyBell to improve the sound.

A VGM Player for the original Game Boy was released: dmvgm, by mic. It plays Game Boy PSG VGMs and SN76489 VGMs. It can only hold one file per ROM.

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