Game Boy Color

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ROMIcon.png Game Boy Color
Game Boy Color running Sakura Taisen GB2: Thunderbolt Sakusen, the only Sega game on this portable.
Manufacturer(s) Worldwide release Nintendo

Brazil Gradiente

Release Date(s) Japan 1998-10-21

United States of America 1998-11-18

Europe 1998-11-23

Australia 1998-11-27

CPU(s) Sharp LR35902, switchable double speed on GBC-only games
Sound chip(s) GameBoy DMG
Music section Game Boy Color

Game Boy Color Game Boy ColorMESS System Driver gbcolor is a 8-bit portable game system made by Nintendo. It was released in 1998 almost all the world. It was the succeeded the original Game Boy, as well their redesigns, the Game Boy Pocket and the Japan-exclusive Game Boy Light. At time, with the only portables in the market are SNK's Neo Geo Pocket and Tiger Electronics' (and possibly the Majesco's Game Gear), the GBC was crushed all sales of these portables. Even with the SNK's Neo Geo Pocket Color and Bandai's WonderSwan, the GBC was remained popular.

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