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Joystick.png Hyper Sports
Hyper Sports.png
Archery is so hard!
Developer Konami
Publisher Japan Konami / United States of America Centuri
Composer Shokichi Ishihara
System Arcade Machine
Sound Chips SN76489, DAC, VLM5030
Release date Japan 1984-07
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Hyper SportsMAME 0.152 ROM hyperspt is a multi-event sports game developed and published by Konami in 1984, and it was licensed to Centuri Electronics to release it in USA. Ports of the game was released for the Famicom (only in Japan, bundled with Hyper Olympic in one cartridge and was released as Track & FieldUnited States of America/Europe), SG-1000 (through it have some of sports events that wasn't available in the Arcade version), Sinclair ZX Spectrum (tape format), BBC Micro and for the MSX, released into 3 separate cartridges. It was the sequel to Track and Field, and it ran on a very similar hardware used by it. Like it predecessor, Hyper Sports didn't use a directional pad, but only 3 buttons: 2 buttons named GO, to make the character run/swim and 1 button named UP, for shooting/breathing/jumping.

Events (Arcade)

  • Swimming-100M Freestyle: A very easy sports event. Just tap the GO's buttons as fast you can. When you character is gonna out of breath, press UP to recover it;
  • Skeet Shooting: Another very easy sports event. When a dish comes into the aim, shoot it with the direction that the dish comes into the aim [e.g.: if a dish comes from left, you must press the Left GO button];
  • Long Horse: Just tap GO to run, and when you step at the ramp, press UP. When the character is about to go off the horse, press the GO buttons fast as possible, but, make the character to stand it correctly;
  • Archery: The most difficult sports event of this game. A lot of novice players including me stuck here. First, make a choice of the wind that the arrow go. Then, wait to the aim moving at your direction, and then, shoot and hold with the GO button until the arrow it makes a 5°00 Angle position;
  • Triple Jump: Just tap GO as fast you can. When you are close to the line, press UP to jump. 45° angle is optimal for three jumps;
  • Weight Lifting: Choose your class of Weight Lifting, then, just bash on GO buttons as fast you can. When the character blinks, press UP to make the weight up;
  • Pole Vault: Just tap GO as fast you can. When you are close to the proper position, press and hold the UP button. Choose a higher angle, but not a slower one.