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Joystick.png Masaya
Founded 1986
Defunct 2000 (returned as indie game developer in 2014)
Major Products Langrisser series
Key People N / A
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Company website Masaya Japan

Masaya Games Japan

Masaya (ja:メサイヤ), a former division of Nippon Computer Systems Corp. (known as NCS) and currently a division of extreme Co., Ltd was the home console game division of NCS, founded in 1988, at Japan.


NCS entered into game development business in 1986, by releasing Mr. Bump for the PC-8801.

In 1987, NCS released Gaia no Monshou, Elthlead and Gai Flame for various Japanese PCs.

In 1988, with the PC Engine quick success, NCS wanted to program games for it. However, in order to split PC games from console games, NCS created their home console label. So, Masaya was born. The PC Engine was the key of Masaya to became highly popular.

In 1990, Masaya started to release games for the Mega Drive. Masaya became the fifth third-party to sign a contract with Sega (in the order: Micronet is the fourth, Asmik is the third, Technosoft is the second and Salio is the first). Some of Masaya games was released in the USA by DreamWorks. In the same year, Masaya signed a contract with Nintendo, and they started to release games for the Game Boy.

In 1991, Masaya released the first game of the Langrisser series, for the MD. He is the one, of the few known Masaya games by the general gaming audience. Also, Masaya released Head Buster, their only game for the Game Gear. But nothing surpass this: Masaya released the NES version of Rare's Battletoads in Japan, one of the most difficult games ever made. However, Masaya made some changes on it, in order to keep it more easy. Arc System Works used the Famicom version as their base to porting the MD and GG versions of Battletoads.

In 1995, Masaya started to release games for the PC-FX.

In 1996, Masaya started to release games for the Sega Saturn.

In 1999, Masaya released a Game Boy Color game in two versions.

In 2000, Masaya released Langrisser Millenium WS for the WonderSwan. After that, Masaya was shut down, due to finnancial problems from NCS.

In 2007, extreme acquired Masaya's game library. extreme re-released Masaya games in various platforms, such as mobile phones, PS3 and PSP GameArchives and Wii Virtual Console. extreme also re-released some Masaya games into Wii U Virtual Console.

In 2014-04, extreme revived Masaya again, under the name Masaya Games (ja:メサイヤゲームス). This time, Masaya returned as a indie game developer, making games for PS4, Steam and a new Langrisser game for the Nintendo 3DS.


At contrary of the popular belief, the white horse/Pegasus horse on the Masaya logo is not their mascot. Masaya's mascot is the blue guy of the first Cho Aniki

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