SNK 68000

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The SNK 68000-based hardware is a 16-bit arcade system board manufactured by SNK. It was the last board that SNK was manufactured, in order to focuses onto the powerful SNK Neo Geo MVS and later, the Hyper Neo Geo 64 fiasco.

Technical Specifications

Main CPU: Motorola 68000 @ 9 Mhz, Zilog Z80 @ 4 MHz

Sound Chip: Yamaha YM3812 @ 4 MHz, UPD7759 @ 640 KHz

Games Released

Release Date Game Name Developer Publisher
Japan 1988-08 United States of America P.O.W.: Prisoners of War / Japan Datsugoku: Prisoners of War (脱獁E-Prisoners of War) SNK SNK
Japan 1989-01 Ikari III: The Rescue (怒III -The Rescue) SNK SNK
Japan 1989-08 Street Smart SNK SNK
Japan 1989-12 SAR: Search And Rescue (SAR <サーチアンドレスキュー>) SNK SNK