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The SNK Triple Z80 is a 8-bit arcade system board manufactured by SNK. The board is known to have two Z80s to drive the game tasks, and one Z80 to drive the sound chip.

Technical Specifications

Main CPU: 2xZilog Z80, between @ 3,5 ~ 4 MHz

Sound CPU: Zilog Z80 @ 4 MHz

Sound Chip:

Games Released

Release Date Game Name Developer Publisher
Japan 1983-12 Marvin's Maze SNK SNK
Japan 1984 Gladiator 1984 SNK SNK
Japan 1984 Jumping Cross (ジャンピングクロス)¹ SNK SNK
Japan 1984-03 Vanguard II (ヴァンガードII)¹ SNK SNK
Japan 1984-12 Mad Crasher / Japan SNK SNK
Japan 1985-03 HAL21 (ハル21)¹ SNK SNK
Japan 1985-09 United States of America T.N.K III / Japan T.A.N.K III (T.A.N.K.)² SNK SNK
Japan 1985-11 United States of America Alpha Mission / Japan ASO: Armored Scrum Object / Europe? Arian Mission (ASO <Armored Scrum Object>)² SNK SNK
Japan 1986-07 Athena SNK SNK
Japan 1986-03 United States of America Ikari Warriors / Japan Ikari (态E² SNK SNK
Japan 1986-10 United States of America Victory Road / Japan Dogousouken (怒号層圁E² SNK SNK
Japan 1987-01 TouchDown Fever SNK SNK
Japan 1987-02 Bermuda Triangle (バミューダトライアングル)² SNK SNK
Japan 1987-03 Psycho Soldier (サイコ・ソルジャー)² SNK SNK
Japan 1987-05 World Wars (ワールドウォーズ)² SNK SNK
Japan 1988-03 United States of America Guerrilla War / Japan Guevara (ゲバラ)² SNK SNK
Japan 1988-05 United States of America Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf SNK SNK
Japan 1988-05 Fighting Soccer SNK SNK
Japan 1988-06 United States of America Chopper I / Japan SNK SNK


  • The numbers ¹, ² and ³ means what kind of Generation sound chip is used.