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Joystick.png Stinger
What a bad name of the ONLY entry of the TwinBee series in USA...
Developer Konami
Publisher Japan/United States of America Konami
Composer Shinya Sakamoto, Kiyohiro Sada
System Family Computer Disk System / Nintendo Entertainment System
Sound Chips NES APU
Release date Japan 1986-11-21 (FDS)

United States of America 1987-09

Japan 1993-03-26 (FC)

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StingerTwinBee, firstly released for the Family Computer Disk System, in 1986, by Konami, only in Japan. It came from the North America in 10 months after their release in Japan, and it was converted to an NES cartridge. In 1993, at Japan, Konami was released Moero TwinBee in the cartridge, in order to help the sales of the AV Famicom. The game is known to be the only entry in the TwinBee series that stepped in the USA (not counting the TwinBee re-release in Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits for the Nintendo DS), while majority of TwinBee games released only in a Japan (a few titles came to Europe, which much have heavily censored content).