Taito FX-1A System

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The Taito FX-1A System is a 32-bit arcade system board manufactured by Taito. The hardware is known to be based on the Sony PlayStation hardware.

Technical Specifications

Main CPU: Sony CXD8530CQ @ 67,7 Mhz, Zilog Z80 @ 4 MHz

Sound Chip: Yamaha YM2610B @ 8 MHz, Sony CXD2925Q @ 33,8 Mhz (also known as SPU).

Games Released

Release Date Game Name Developer Publisher
Japan 1996-03-12 Europe / Japan Super Football Champ Taito Europe / Japan Taito
Japan 1996-04-04 Europe / Japan Psychic Force Taito Europe / Japan Taito
Japan 1996-07-14 Japan Taito Japan Taito
Japan 1996-10-23 Japan Magical Date: Dokidoki Kokuhaku Daisakusen Taito Japan Taito
Japan 1997-02-13 Japan Taito Japan Taito