Friday the 13th

Sound chip: NES APU
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Composer: Hirohiko Takayama
Developer: Atlus
Publisher: LJN
Release date: 1989-02
01. Main Title 0:03
02. Player Select, Inside a Cabin 0:46 + 0:45
03. Walking Around 0:05 + 0:05
04. Battling Jason 0:04 + 0:04
05. Jason Defeated 0:04 + 0:04
Total: 0:59 + 0:56
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2016-03-28 HarmoDevil Initial release.
2 ratings • 120 downloads • 577 views
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It is currently unknown what Takayama's name in
kanji is, so I just used hiragana.

As for the music, some tracks sound decent, but
I wish the tracks were longer. Due to the
shortness, many of these tracks are seen by
many as repetitive and annoying.

This pack is only 5.92kb in total!

Ripped with NEZplug v0.9.4.8 + 2 + 19.20.


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