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Wacky Gator / Wani Wani Panic

Arcade Machine (YM2413)

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Wacky Gator / Wani Wani Panic

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleWacky Gator / Wani Wani Panic
ComposerSeiichi Sakurai
SystemArcade Machine
Sound ChipsYM2413
Playing time1:02
Pack authormarklincadet
Pack version1.00
Last Update2023-06-30

Pack author's comment
Going into murky territory with a VGM pack of a Namco elemecha machine, in this case the first of many wack-a-gator machines which they put out.

Being an electromechanical machine without any video output, I wasn't sure what to put as the cover image- so I took a shot of the HUD that was on the website for their recent, aesthetically-identical remake of the game. Thoughts welcomed on whether/how packs like these can be handled better. (I'll also likely come back to this pack to add Japanese track titles.)

Post by slickmandela »

Nice, this was remixed in the version found on Namco Museum Megamix.
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