Sound chip: SN76489
System: Tandy 1000
Composer: Hisayoshi Ogura
Developer: NovaLogic
Publisher: Taito
Release date: 1988
01. Title Screen, High Score 0:18
02. Story 0:09 + 0:09
03. Round Start 0:03
04. Game Over 0:02
Total: 0:30 + 0:09
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2017-10-02 NewRisingSun Initial release.
5 ratings • 77 downloads • 3328 views
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The Taito DOS port is an enhancement of an
(uncredited) earlier port produced by Imagine.
That earlier port itself was a port of the
ZX Spectrum port. It only supported CGA and
the PC speaker. The Taito enhanced DOS port
added 16 color graphics as well as Tandy 1000
sound. Whoever created the additional two
voices for the Tandy apparently had never
heard the original arcade version's music.
The "Doh Round" music is not present in the
DOS port.


Source: VGMRips

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