Sound chips: SN76489 YM2612
System: Genesis
Composers: Mark Miller Jason Scher
Developer: PF Magic
Publisher: Accolade
Release date: 1994
01. Intro/Time's Running Out! 0:32
02. Title Screen/Menus/Winner! 1:00 + 1:00
03. Battle 1 1:48 + 1:47
04. Battle 2 1:26 + 1:24
05. Battle 3 1:56 + 1:55
06. Battle 4 2:48 + 2:46
07. Battle 5 1:56 + 1:55
08. Battle 6 2:03 + 2:02
09. Battle 7 1:50 + 1:49
10. Battle 8 1:46 + 1:45
11. Battle 9 1:56 + 1:55
12. Battle 10 2:00 + 2:00
13. Boomer's Act 0:02
14. Byte Viper's Dance 0:03
15. Unknown 0:03
Total: 21:03 + 20:12
Version Date Author Description
1.06 2022-01-04 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
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A fairly unknown Beat-Em-Up for the Genesis - I
got this one for about $50 along with two other
games on Christmas Day, 1994 (The other two
games being Pit-Fighter and Desert Strike.) It
was quite an interesting game, and indeed, one
of the first 3D Fighters in existence - quite

Of course, to acheive that 3D Effect, the game
had a DSP in its cartridge, as the sprites used
for the Ballz would have horrible breakup if it
wasn't in there. This made the game pricey - a
game was about $35-40 in those days, and I'm
sure many old schoolers like me wish those
prices would return.

After a little chat with DJ Squarewave, we've
deduced that this game runs on the GENS Sound
System (Not to be confused with the plugin
being based on the GENS emulator!) which is
probably the weirdest sound system we've seen.
Nu-Romantic was a bitch to do, but it worked;
this has odd tempo changes, weird note sticks,
and all sorts of crazy crap. Actually, on
real hardware, playing the game's sound test
would result in weird, sudden tempo changes -
Kega Fusion didn't have any of that, but yet
one song (The Intro) still sounds slowed down
as compared to ingame. This is also a bit of
a testament to Kega's logging skill - playing
the game in GENS results in lots of missing
instruments, while Kega hits them all, they
still sound like shit thanks to the GENS
sound core. So if someone wanna write a
better sound core up for us... go ahead! :p

Chew my Tatty Boltz, Whiffle Man.

Dark Pulse

Source: VGMRips

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