Batman: The Video Game

Sound chip: Game Boy DMG
System: Game Boy
Composers: Naoki Kodaka Nobuyuki Hara Shinichi Seya
Developer: Sunsoft
Publisher: Sunsoft
Release date: 1989-12-22 (J) / 1990-06 (U) / 1990 (E)
01. Title 1:14 + 0:39
02. Cutscene 0:19 + 0:19
03. Gotham City 2:14 + 1:08
04. Stage Clear 0:03
05. Chemical Factory 0:49 + 0:43
06. Flugelheim Museum 1:04 + 0:46
07. Batwing Stage 1:28 + 0:52
08. Gotham Cathedral 2:08 + 0:57
09. Batman vs Jack / Joker 0:40 + 0:34
10. Ending ~ Credits 1:05 + 0:34
11. Death 0:05
12. Game Over 0:18 + 0:18
Total: 11:21 + 6:46
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2019-09-08 The Golden Horse Initial release.
9 ratings • 561 downloads • 3611 views
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 In-game level titles¹ and usage
 MAME 0.200 (modded by Valley Bell),
 using Sound Test (and MAME debug²)

This is a perfectly plain, run-of-the-mill
platformer-shooter, except that the shooter
hero is Batman, famous among superhero fans (at
the time, it was not as mainstream as today)
for his refusal to use guns since one was used
to kill his parents. Besides that out-of-
character novelty, the only notable thing about
this game is its excellent soundtrack, which is
of course inevitable when you have Sunsoft's
sound team on board. It easily matches the
*other* movie tie-in games released by Sunsoft
in thrills, composition and making the most out
of the console's sound hardware. A recommended

NOTE: Like the rest of the tie-in games
released outside Japan, the title screen simply
says "Batman" but the cover art reads "Batman:
The Video Game"; this pack uses the package
title for consistency with the NES pack.)

¹ "Flugelheim" is misspelled as "Flugalheim"
  in-game; this is fixed in the English tags
  but preserved in the Japanese tags.
² The Sound Test, accessed simply by holding
  Up/Right and pressing Start at the title
  screen, allows you to play each song in the
  game... except, for some reason, for the boss
  theme (the "Batman vs" stages). Fortunately,
  whoever coded the Sound Test forgot to make
  absolutely sure one couldn't write arbitrary
  values to memory; as such, you can listen to
  the boss theme by enabling the Game Genie
  code CF1-A33 or the GameShark code 01CFA3C1
  when the Sound Test is open. (Both will write
  the value 0xCF to RAM address 0xC1A3, which
  forces the sound selection to the boss theme,
  after which you can cue it up.)

The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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