Captain America and The Avengers

Sound chips: YM2151 OKIM6295
System: Deco 32
Composers: Tatsuya Kiuchi Tomoyoshi Sato
Developer: Data East
Publisher: Data East
Release date: 1991
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2018-07-29 The Golden Horse Initial release.
11 ratings • 914 downloads • 6561 views
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MAME 0.188 (modded by Valley Bell)

"Captain America and The Avengers" is a beat
'em up that sends the title characters out to
stop the Red Skull from destroying the world,
set to a soundtrack of FM snyth and sampled
instruments. It got a Hitoshi Sakimoto remixed
soundtrack on the Genesis port, but this is
just as good; it is such a fittingly heroic
soundtrack that you cannot mistake it for
anything else but superhero music. There's even
an energizing theme for when a boss is almost
defeated, like on a fighting hero show.

Enjoy! Or rather, "Okay, GO!"

For technical things, this game uses a YM2151
and OKI M6295 for music, and another OKI M6295
for sound effects (not used here). This pack
also has Japanese tags; if you're wondering why
none of them have kanji, it's because all the
Japanese text in the Japanese version was
written in kana (despite the font being big
enough to support kanji), which suggests it was
intended for younger players (since there
weren't superhero comics aimed at adults yet).

The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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