Sound chips: AY-3-8910 YM2413
System: MSX2
Composer: Loek van Kooten
Developer: MSX-Engine
Publisher: MSX-Engine
Release date: 1993
01. Sophistication #1 4:53 + 4:53
02. Select Weapon 0:16 + 0:16
03. Life in Space 1:25 + 1:25
04. Level Clear 0:04
05. Demon War 2:05 + 2:05
06. Dass XXX 2:04 + 2:04
07. Love in Space 2:56 + 2:56
08. Flying on a String 1:29 + 1:29
09. Level 5 1:25 + 1:25
10. Ending 1:00 + 1:00
11. Sophistication #3 3:59 + 3:59
12. Continue 0:31 + 0:31
13. The Final Curtain 0:16 + 0:16
Total: 22:18 + 22:14
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2018-01-26 The Golden Horse Initial release.
6 ratings • 241 downloads • 3656 views
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 Galbatron - Sophistication
 OpenMSX 0.14.0 (vgm_rec script)

A product of the Dutch MSX scene and one of the
few to ever be released in Japan (through the
TAKERU vending machines), "D.A.S.S." features a
soundtrack that makes good use of the
pre-programmed synths that composers using the
cheap MSX-Music add-on were stuck with. It's
too bad, then, that the game itself is a bland
M.U.S.H.A. clone, except for its insane and
overwritten storyline (found in the opening).
Oh, and because there were no complete
playthrough videos of the game at the time I
recorded this pack, I had to play through the
game myself to identify where each song is
used. Given the game's absurd difficulty, you
can imagine this was a test of patience.

The game also came with a cassette tape,
"Sophistication", done by the "Galbatron" duo
formed in part by the game's composer, with
very 80s remixes of music from the game. It is
from this tape that I got the names for most of
the songs in the game. It was later rereleased
on CDBaby as a digital download and you can
purchase it for USD$6.99 from the URL above.


The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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