Earthworm Jim 2

Sound chips: SN76489 YM2612
System: Genesis
Composer: Tommy Tallarico
Developer: Shiny Entertainment
Publishers: Playmates (U) Virgin Games (E)
Release date: 1995
01. Title Screen 1:52 + 1:01
02. Anything But Tangerines 3:00 + 1:59
03. Bonus 2:24 + 1:53
04. Lorenzen's Soil 4:29 + 2:08
05. Puppy Love 1:49 + 1:48
06. Villi People 5:21 + 5:21
07. Game Show 1:41 + 1:33
08. The Flyin' King 2:25 + 2:15
09. Udderly Abducted 1:39 + 1:33
10. Forked 0:38 + 0:38
11. See Jim Run, Run Jim Run 1:30 + 1:30
12. Continue 0:15 + 0:07
13. Ending 0:50
Total: 27:46 + 21:40
Version Date Author Description
1.01 2022-01-03 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
11 ratings • 432 downloads • 2141 views
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Holy FUCK Anything But Tangerines was impossible
to get to play nicely. At eight previous loops,
I'd either get cut notes or notes playing where
they shouldn't have been or other such maladies.
The only solution was to make the song loop
twice, and even then it's still not as perfect
as it could be... pain in the ass, through and

Bonus has a cut note from 1:28-1:30 and every
extrapolated loop thereafter. This was in the
actual song; it is not an innacuracy and as such
there's nothing I can do about it. :)

A lot songs are re-used and repeated, much more
than in the original Earthworm Jim. Lorenzen's
Soil is reused in ISO9000, the Game Show is
reused in Inflated Head, and The Flyin' King is
reused in Level Ate.

Speaking of The Flyin' King, it has an odd loop
that also occured on real hardware. I COULD fix
this, but since Project2612 strives for accuracy,
I've left the original loop in.


Dark Pulse

Source: VGMRips

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