Lethal Enforcers

Sound chip: K054539
System: Arcade
Composer: Kenichiro Fukui
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Release date: 1992-10-08 (J) / 1992-10-14 (E) / 1992-11-19 (U)
01. Waiting for Challenges (Title Demo BGM) 0:08
02. Victory or Defeat (Stage Select BGM) 0:17 + 0:16
03. My Mission (Stage Start BGM) 0:07
04. Rolling Badguys (Stage BGM I) 0:36 + 0:32
05. Black Boots (Stage BGM II) 0:25 + 0:25
06. Fence of Defence (Stage BGM III) 1:02 + 0:46
07. As Long as You Live (Stage BGM IV) 0:55 + 0:48
08. Desperate to Survive (Stage BGM V) 0:36 + 0:29
09. Fight for Your Life (Stage BGM VI) 0:42 + 0:38
10. Shoot into the Street (Chase BGM I) 0:55 + 0:44
11. At Full Speed (Chase BGM II) 0:25 + 0:23
12. Warning Area (Night Vision Stage BGM) 0:37 + 0:35
13. Dead or Alive (Stage Boss BGM) 0:52 + 0:46
14. Lucky Plucky (Bonus Stage BGM) 0:17 + 0:14
15. Whoa! (Bonus Stage Clear BGM) 0:05
16. Fanfare I (Rank Up BGM) 0:03
17. Fanfare II (Rank Down BGM) 0:03
18. Fanfare III (Rank Unchanged BGM) 0:03
19. You Are a Good Shooter! (Stage Clear BGM) 0:05
20. Just My Luck! (Game Over BGM) 0:04
21. So Tired (Naming BGM) 0:09 + 0:08
22. Thank You, and See You Again (Credits BGM) 0:30 + 0:29
Total: 8:46 + 7:06
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2012-12-08 The Golden Horse Initial release.
2.00 2014-04-13 The Golden Horse Redone with the MAME 0.152 mod for accurate tempos.
2.50 2014-11-20 The Golden Horse Tags redone using VGMdb booklet scans provided by VGMdb user Jodo Kast.
Size reductions
vgm_sro54.6 MB17.1 MB31.3%
vgm_cmp17.1 MB7.16 MB41.9%
gzip7.16 MB4.9 MB68.4%
11 ratings • 2081 downloads • 11831 views
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 Konami Amusement Sounds '93 ... Summer
 King Record  KICA-7616-7617  Aug 21, 1993

(Corroborated by its entry in 2012-04-22
 version of the BridgeM1 List Pack)

This pack was originally made using MAME 0.144
(modified by Valley Bell). It also had to wait
a few weeks before release because vgm_cmp.exe
did not support K054539 at the time I made it.
Those who listened at the time generally found
the results were worth it.

On April 8, 2014, Valley Bell released a mod of
MAME 0.152, whose updates included a fix to its
K054539 timer emulation meaning that
soundtracks using the chip now play at the
correct tempo. However, I had to wait until
VGMPlay and in_vgm were updated on April 12 to
check whether my original pack would play at
the correct speed. Seeing that it didn't, I
went through the trouble of logging, trimming,
and optimizing the tracks again using MAME

Thus, starting from the second version of this
pack, each track plays with the right tempo.
Those who listened to the first version of the
pack will most easily notice this with "Black
Boots", which plays at almost the same fast
tempo as its Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
arrangement compared to the slower one its VGM
file used to have.

Also, this pack originally used a Japanese
tracklist transcript from the Web, once
featured on VGMdb, that included incorrect
spelling and grammar such as "ROLLINGBADGUYS"
"LUCKY PLUCKY." On October 15, 2014, VGMdb
user Jodo Kast submitted scans of the "Konami
Amusement Sounds '93 ... Summer" album
booklet, finally revealing how the tracks were
titled on the album, which led to the VGMdb
tracklist being fixed three days later. I did
not learn of this until November 20, 2014, and
on that day, I went back to this pack and
redid the tags to use the correct Japanese
titles and translations. Now, starting from
version 2.50, the pack's tracklist accurately
reflects the one originally featured on the
album. The only additional information is in
the Stage and Chase BGM tracks, in which the
Notes tag includes which sections of the game
each of those tracks plays in just like in
previous versions.

Thanks to Valley Bell for for updating vgm_cmp
the day before I submitted the original
version of this pack, and for updating the
MAME mod to make it possible for this pack to
feature the correct tempos; and thanks to
Jodo Kast for making the polished tracklist

Size reduction:
1. vgm_sro: 54.6 MB -> 17.1 MB (31%)
2. vgm_cmp: 17.1 MB -> 7.16 MB (42%)
3. gzip: 7.16 MB -> 4.90 MB (68%)
Total: 54.6 MB -> 4.90 MB (90%)

The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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