Midnight Resistance

Sound chips: YM2203 YM3812 OKIM6295
System: Arcade Machine
Composers: Azusa Hara Hiroaki Yoshida Tatsuya Kiuchi FUSE HITOMI
Developer: Data East
Publisher: Data East
Release date: 1989
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2018-07-28 The Golden Horse Initial release.
1.01 2018-07-28 The Golden Horse Compressed with updated vgm_cmp (previously affected by a bug that stripped OKI master clock changes from VGMs).
1.02 2018-07-29 The Golden Horse Text file corrections (thanks GTheGuardian).
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Crude Buster / Midnight Resistance
Scitron / Pony Canyon  PCCB-00039  Aug 21, 1990
MAME 0.188 (modded by Valley Bell)

A platforming action game that distinguishes
itself with rotary joystick aiming and a system
of keys that would let you collect powerups
after each level (a full stock of which is
necessary to get the best ending). It mixes
FM synths with sampled audio for its music,
unlike its same-hardware cousin "Sly Spy", but
the resulting sound is a bit weak compared to
later-released Data East games like "Two Crude"
and "Desert Assault" that did the same thing.
This game was later ported to both the popular
microcomputers of the time (Commodore 64,
Amiga, etc.) and the Sega Genesis. In the
latter case, its music was filtered through
Hitoshi Sakimoto and his sound engine, leading
to music that frankly blows the original arcade
version's out of the water. (Only "Monitor" and
the unused track are exclusive to the arcade

For the technical stuff: this game uses the
YM3812 (same chip as the AdLib sound card) for
music, the OKI M6295 for music and sound
effects, and the YM2203 mainly for sound
effects. The one exception is the ending song
"Daybreak", which uses the YM2203 to play the
main synth instrument with the YM3812 as


The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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