Penguin-Kun Wars

Sound chip: NES APU
System: Family Computer
Composers: Unknown (AC) K. Fujii (FC)
Developers: UPL (AC) Home Data (FC) Pax Softnica (FC)
Publisher: ASCII
Release date: 1985-12-25
01. Main BGM 1:02
Total: 1:02 + 0:00
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2016-09-16 HarmoDevil Initial release.
1.05 2020-10-27 Paul999 Added this developer port. Added this comment, that song is based from "Motto Sekkin Shimasho".
5 ratings • 474 downloads • 1945 views
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The sole track here is (poorly) rearranged from
the arcade version.

This BGM was based on this song called 
"Motto Sekkin Shimasho" by Hidemi Ishikawa.


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