Sound chip: YM2203
System: PC-9801
Composer: MUSE
Developer: Stone Heads
Publisher: PIL
Release date: 1996-07-26
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2021-10-14 nope Initial Release.
Size reductions
vgm_cmp6.42 MB3.36 MB52.3%
9 ratings • 296 downloads • 1801 views
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Track names taken and translated (where needed)
from the in-game sound test.

The tracks are split between five stories:
01-03: The Dog (犬)
04-06: Rinchi (輪—リンチ—恥)
   07: Mudai (無題)
08-10: The Strongly Carnal Desire NURSE
11-17: After Seek

Playlists and covers are included for each
individual story on top of the game as a whole.

Yes, there is only one song for Mudai (for the
ending). Throughout the story itself only sound
effects can be heard.

After Seek's songs are taken directly from
Seek, the game which this story serves as an
epilogue to.

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Size reduction:
1. vgm_cmp: 6.42 MB -> 3.36 MB (52.3 %)
Total: 6.42 MB -> 3.36 MB (52.3 %)


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