S.T.U.N. Runner

Sound chips: YM2151 OKIM6295
System: Hard Drivin'
Composer: Brad Fuller
Developer: Atari
Publisher: Atari
Release date: 1989-09
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2021-09-14 BoxCubed Initial release.
Size reductions
vgm_sro3.39 MB3.37 MB99.4%
vgm_cmp3.37 MB201 KB5.8%
4 ratings • 175 downloads • 880 views
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This pack was made with MAME 0.222 VGM mod.

A 3D racing game where you try to beat the
clock and prevent from damaging your vehicle
while navigating through tubes, avoiding
enemies, and completing objectives. Plays
faster compared to Hard Drivin', and the
OKIM6295 was mainly used for sound effects.

Size reduction:
1. vgm_sro: 3.39 MB -> 3.37 MB (99.4 %)
2. vgm_cmp: 3.37 MB -> 201 KB  (5.93 %)
total: 3.39 MB -> 201 KB (5.93 %)


Source: VGMRips

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