Stuart Little: The Journey Home

Sound chip: Game Boy DMG
System: Game Boy Color
Composer: Mark Ortiz
Developer: Tiertex Design Studios
Publisher: Activision
Release date: 2001-08-24
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2018-10-02 Lu9 Initial release.
2 ratings • 39 downloads • 149 views
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My first pack of more to come from obscure
licensed games by Tiertex Design Studios in
2001, to make up for the lack of .GBS rips
from the same games. Ripped with MAME VGM mod.
The very last track has issues with the
wavetable channel currently not possible to
fix, unless either the VGM mod for MAME gets
updated, or the VGM players themselves.
Until then, that is the only song that plays
improperly, all other songs play as intended.

Generated with MESS 0.156 VGM mod and
MAME 0.200 VGM mod.


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