Superior Soldiers (U) / Perfect Soldiers (J)

Sound chips: YM2151 GA20
System: M92
Composer: Irem Sound Team
Developer: Irem
Publisher: Irem
Release date: 1993
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2023-05-27 The Golden Horse Initial release.
5 ratings • 216 downloads • 642 views
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MAME 0.248 (modded by Valley Bell)

The world has been destroyed by an unknown
"Force", and according to the intro story, "man
has remodeled their bodies and created a new
humankind" in response. And that's all the
context you get for this science fiction
fighting game from Irem. It was clearly built
to try to ride the success of Capcom's "Street
Fighter II", and accordingly, it is quite
mediocre in all areas.

Unfortunately, this also extends to the
soundtrack, which doesn't make full use of
either the YM2151 or Irem's GA20 sample chip,
or do anything neat in either the melody or
instrumentation departments. It seems the
sound team wasn't proud of it either, as they
are only credited as "Irem Sound Team" in the
staff roll rather than by specific names.
In all honesty, I only did this pack out of
a sense of morbid fascination.

But hey, it's one more notch on the site's
arcade game representation, and that does
at least have to count for something.

There are also no less than *ten* unused
tracks buried in the game's sound data, and
one can only imagine how they were intended
to be used.

The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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