The Punisher

Sound chip: QSound
System: CP System Dash
Composers: Isao Abe Yoko Shimomura
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Release date: 1993-04-22
01. Player Select 0:10 + 0:08
02. Crime Hunter (Stage 1) 0:58 + 0:53
03. Iron Golem -Enter the Guardroid- (Boss Entrance) 0:25 + 0:22
04. Boss 1 0:31 + 0:29
05. Stage Clear 0:06
06. Stage 2 Start Demo (Pool) 0:06 + 0:06
07. Castle Pantaberde (Stage 2) 0:56 + 0:50
08. Shock! (Unused BGM) 0:21 + 0:09
09. Stage 3 Start Demo (Harbor) 0:04 + 0:03
10. Seaside Trap (Stage 3) 1:03 + 1:02
11. Stage 4 Start Demo (Gigantic Cave) 0:06 + 0:05
12. Runaway Train -Gigantic Cave- (Stage 4) 0:28 + 0:19
13. Bonus Stage 0:45 + 0:30
14. Boss 2 (Archenemy) 0:16 + 0:10
15. Stage 5 Start Demo (Hideout) 0:15 + 0:06
16. Revenger -Theme of Vengeance- (Stage 5) 0:53 + 0:40
17. Stage 6 Start Demo (King Building) 0:07 + 0:01
18. King Building Infiltration (Stage 6-1) 1:12 + 1:07
19. Elevator (Stage 6-2) 1:10 + 0:57
20. Endless Corridor (Stage 6-3) 1:11 + 1:00
21. Bruno Costa (Last Boss Entrance) 0:38 + 0:24
22. Last Boss (Kingpin) 0:34 + 0:28
23. Last Stage Clear 0:08
24. Ending Theme 1:34 + 1:23
25. Continue (The Punisher) 0:28 + 0:28
26. Continue (Nick Fury) 0:16 + 0:13
27. Game Over 0:07
28. Unused BGM 2 0:04 + 0:03
29. Unused BGM 3 1:18 + 1:00
30. Unused BGM 4 0:28
31. Unused BGM 5 0:05
Total: 16:27 + 12:44
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2013-01-08 The Golden Horse Initial release.
1.01 2014-05-11 The Golden Horse Fixed the placement of track 12's track times in this text file's track list.
1.10 2018-05-19 The Golden Horse Reoptimized VGMs; retrimmed Stage 2's theme; retranslated some titles; rearranged unused songs by Sound ID; corrected a mislabeled song; corrected the gain (the soundtrack is now louder).
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Tenchi o Kurau II -G.S.M. Capcom 7- / Alfh Lyra
Pony Canyon / Scitron  PCCB-00133  Aug 20, 1993

(Corroborated by its entry in 2012-04-22
 version of the BridgeM1 List Pack)

This pack was made using MAME 0.144 (modified
by Valley Bell), with the help of the game's
internal sound test mode. Although I always
intended to make this pack at some point,
Knurek specifically requesting this game's
soundtrack inspired me to spend much of a quiet
day making it. From start to finish, this pack
took seven hours and 17 minutes to make,
excluding this text file and the title screen
image files. Of course, being long familiar
with this game certainly helped!

This also marks the first pack made for game
running on the CP System Dash. It was a variant
of the original CP System with a few additional
features, most relevant for this pack being
that it used QSound instead of the YM2151 /
OKI6295 combo from the previous version. The
soundtrack consists of percussion-heavy music
with a sound fitting of the Punisher and his
dark life as a vigilante; unsurprisingly, the
change in sound hardware allows these tracks to
flourish and accomplish their intended effect.

There are some things I should point out
regarding the tracklist:

* The soundtrack album includes a mix of
  English and Japanese names, and some of the
  English names are misspelled. This includes
  errors are fixed in the English tags, but are
  preserved in the Japanese tags for the sake
  of accuracy. Note, however, that "Pantaberde"
  and "PANTA BELDE" are both misspelled; in the
  original _Marvel Super Action_ #1 (Jan 1976),
  it was spelled "Punta Verde!"
* The album also labels "Endless Corridor" as
  the theme of "Stage 7," when there are only
  six stages in the game. Furthermore, it
  leaves out the music that plays during Stage
  6's elevator sequence. I went the route taken
  by the game's M1 playlist by placing the
  elevator track between "King Building
  Infiltration" and "Endless Corridor," and
  relabeling them in the English tags based on
  the order in which they are played. The
  Japanese tags, however, include the "Stage 7"
  error, again for accuracy reasons.
* Lastly, the album fails to include Nick
  Fury's continue theme on the soundtrack, only
  listing the Punisher's as "Continue." Unlike
  the rest of these tracks, however, their
  Japanese tags label them both by character to
  prevent confusion.
* There are six unused tracks in this game, one
  of which appears on the official soundtrack.
  Like on the M1 playlist, these appear at the
  end of this pack's tracklist. What a few of
  them were intended for can be determined by
  their sound or their place in the sound code.
  #2 is placed before the stage start themes,
  and with its musical style, it might've been
  meant to be the Stage 1 Start Demo. #3 sounds
  like it was meant to be an ending theme. #4
  sounds like boss intro music. Finally, #5 is
  placed right after the Punisher's continue
  theme and sounds like a Game Over theme.

In any case, enjoy!

The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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