Touhou Reiiden ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers.

Sound chip: YM2608
System: PC-9801
Composer: Junya Ota
Developer: Team Shanghai Alice
Publisher: Amusement Makers
Release date: 1997-08-15
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2013-01-13 banshiryuu Initial release.
2.00 2016-02-09 banshiryuu Added the alternate version of Magic Mirror.
3.00 2021-07-31 Dekyo-NO Reripped all tracks using Neko Project 21 VGM mod. It should be more accurate now.
9 ratings • 614 downloads • 9227 views
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The only game in the series on the PC98 that
only has an OPNA soundtrack. (Not counting
Mystic Square remixes, of course)

banshiryuu Dekyo-NO

Source: VGMRips

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