Sound chip: AY-3-8910
System: CPC
Composers: Jonathan Dunn (CPC) Motoaki Furukawa (AC)
Developers: Konami (AC) Imagine (CPC) Ocean (CPC)
Publishers: Imagine Ocean Erbe The Hit Squad
Release date: 1989-01
01. A-Jax (Title Demo) 0:21 + 0:21
02. Pattern Clear 0:04
03. Try Again (Game Over) 0:04
Total: 0:27 + 0:21
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-11-06 RN22 Initial release.
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1989 Amstrad CPC port of Typhoon. AKA "Ajax".
I can't identify whether this companies
published the game on which region, but I'll
just gonna leave it for now.

Surprisingly, this VGM file can be logged thru
MAME via gameplay. Unfortunately, this version
doesn't have AY files on it, only YM, and I
think YM to VGM converter doesn't exist.

Generated by MAME 0.248 VGM mod

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1. vgm_cmp: 64.9 KB -> 34.6 KB (53.3 %)
Total: 64.9 KB -> 34.6 KB (53.3 %)

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