Uncle Poo

Sound chip: AY-3-8910
System: Arcade Machine
Composers: Aram Khachaturian Georges Bizet Unknown Frédéric Chopin Charles Hale
Developer: Diatec
Publisher: Diatec
Release date: 1983-12
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-08-13 RN22 Initial release.
1.01 2022-08-14 RN22 Edited track 08 notes tag, putting original song name. Added two external links. Added one composer based on the original song.
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Crazy arcade game made by Diatec in 1983.
Sadly, Diatec released only one game, and that
is Uncle Poo, nothing more, and nothing else.
Also, i've realized that Diatec is a japanese
video game company, and not an american video
game company. Why? Check the engrish text of
the game. "Perfection" is supposed to be
perfect. "Challenging Round" is supposed to
be bonus round. "Congratulation !!" is
supposed to be congratulation(s) with an "S"
and then bonus stage clear. "Let's Uncle Poo"
is, I think supposed to be "Let's go, Uncle
Poo!" or Game Start. And there's more
engrish text you can find when you play the
game. Also, the game's protagonist shoots
farts as a weapon to defeat enemies. Like wth?
Main objective of this game is to collect 3
diamonds as far as I know, and collect a sack
of money to remove obstacles blocked the path.

I've noticed that this game's OST is using
one of classical music pieces. Example of
this is funeral march, that music is
used when Uncle Poo dies in a tsunami
that's on the left side of the maze.

Unfortunately, I can't find the composer
who make the music of this game. So I just
put the original composer based on the
original song. But few of the tracks like
tracks 04, last jingle of track 03, and 08,
are the original song titles i can't find or
recognize the title, so if you recognize them,
just type it in this forum or PM me, and i'll
update it immediately.

I almost forgot, this game uses AY-3-8910 PSG
for the musics and SFX, which is good.
Sometimes it can be slower when it plays
multiple sound triggers like the sound effects
of this game, which makes the cpu and the
sound clock slower, it's because is only
using AY PSG for the whole sounds for this
game, if I'm not mistaken.

Ver 1.01 edit:
I found the original song of track 08,
which is "Shave and a Haircut, two bits".
originally door knock or an jingle music
in cartoons. Originally composed by
Charles Hale. I'm having trouble finding
any other information on Charles Hale,
as there was a later Charles Hale who
was also a composer. So I'm not sure
where he stands in comparison to the
inhabitants and musicians of Darktown
(a historically Black area of Atlanta).
Perhaps ‘At A Darktown Cakewalk’ is a version
of a melody Hale heard in Atlanta, and he was
just the one to write it down; or potentially
it’s a genuine original composition.

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Track 07:
Track 08:
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