Taito Air System

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The Taito Air System is a 16-bit arcade system board manufactured by Taito. The board was known to feature 3-D graphics, and was succeeded the Midnight Landing unique hardware. However, with their high cost production and low sales of the games, the hardware didn't sell enough. The hardware successor, the Taito JC System, was more successful, due to the sales of the Densha de Go! machines in Japan.

Technical Specifications

Main CPU: Motorola 68000 @ 12 MHz, Zilog Z80 @ 4 MHz

Sound Chip: Yamaha YM2610 @ 8 MHz

Games Released

Release Date Game Name Developer Publisher
Japan 1988-09 Worldwide release Top Landing (トップランディング) Taito Worldwide release Taito
Japan 1990-06 Worldwide release Air Inferno (エアインフェルノ) Taito Worldwide release Taito