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BRSTM Converter screen, showing the option to convert a VGM file into a BRSTM file.
Note: This program is not useful for VGM or pack creation but you might still be interested if you create or use homebrew for the Nintendo Wii/U or 3DS.

Looping Audio Converter (previously called BRSTM Converter) is a .NET-Framework-powered program which converts various music formats to various streamed audio files, mainly used in games. Various games for Nintendo Wii (BRSTM), 3DS (BCSTM) and Wii U (BFSTM), such as Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, use these formats. They can also be used to give music to custom 3DS themes.

A VGM file can be used to give input for a converted stream file.

Supported formats

Input (source file)

  • WAV (with or without "smpl" chunk to denote looping audio)
  • MP3, using madplay
  • AAC (including .m4a), using faad
  • VGM/VGZ, using vgm2wav
  • Any audio format supported by SoX
  • Any audio format supported by vgmstream

Output (converted file)

  • WAV (with "smpl" chunk if the audio should loop; vgmstream can read these loops)
  • MP3, using lame
  • FLAC or Ogg Vorbis, using SoX
  • RSTM (.brstm) / CSTM (.bcstm) / FSTM (.bfstm), using RSTMLib, a subset of BrawlLib

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